Non Toxic, Noob Friendly, Community Rust Server for Solo Players.

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Wipe Started: Thursday 20th June 2024
Players This Wipe: 24
Leaderboards Started: Thursday 3rd February 2022
Players In Leaderboard: 1,181

Why Choose FutureProject SOLO Community Servers?

There’s only one aim in Rust; survive and if you can’t play 24/7 or are not a PVP Chad, or not part of a 50 player zerg! surviving in Rust can seem impossible, specially on the high population official servers.

Rust can also bring out the worst in players, text chat ,voice chat and even painted signs featuring Racism, Homophobia and other Toxic language is all too common as you explore your surroundings.

Our Community Rust Servers try to make playing Rust a little less toxic.

  • Zero Tolerance approach to Racism, Homophobia and overly Toxic Language.
  • Active Non Playing Admin should you need help or have questions.
  • 50% Upkeep so you don’t have to spend all your time farming for upkeep.
  • Mini-Copters Spawn On Roads from the day after wipe.

But we don’t want to take all the fun out of it.

We’ve not removed any of the risk, peril and fun out of the game by making it no KOS or RP Only. Our server is, VANILLA, meaning the mechanics of the game are not modified, you will kill and be killed and are free to raid and you’ll get raided, possibly even offlined, it’s a normal part of Rust and how you come back from these setbacks are an important part of the game.

Noob Friendly BUT Not Noob Only

Our servers are noob friendly meaning if you’re new and have questions we encourage you to them in chat or in our friendly discord server, we encourage our more experienced players to answer questions and help newer players, rather than the standard Rust responses of “press Alt+F4” or something about incest. Admin will also help out when available with building mistakes.

Noob friendly is an term that often means different things to different players, more toxic, higher hour players often go to noob friendly servers to assert some form of dominance over an easy prey, these players are not welcome in our servers and will be banned.

All skill levels are welcome and we don’t care too much about how many hours you have in Rust, however if it is deemed a players presence in the server is detrimental to the overall population of the server we may ask, or force them not to play further wipes.

These rules have been designed to make the most enjoyable experience of all of our players, they are subject to change and not exhaustive. Our admins are active and non playing, and we ask anyone who spots rulebreaking to report it via the F7 button, using the in game /report chat command, or by opening a ticket in Our Discord Server rather than over chat as it makes it very hard to spot cheaters when they know we’re looking and it’s also unpleasant for all to have arguments spamming the chat.

No Raiding First 2 Hours of Wipe

Raiding includes breaking anything to gain loot, if the door is open or you manage to “go deep”, by all means go look but you must not break building blocks, locked boxes or TC to gain loot or escape. This simply gives players a window to get started, throw down a starter base and start collecting loot worth raiding for, breaking this rule will at minimum, get you kicked out of the server until the raid ban is over..

No Griefing or Despawning

If you Raid a base, do not wall it off or do anything to stop the original owner gaining access to their base. Once you have finished transferring loot  you must ensure any newly placed doors or TC’s are unlocked. You must finish transferring loot and unlocking before logging off, if you are offline and left another players base locked it will be considered griefing.  This let’s people get back in, rebuild and figure out weaknesses in their designs.

You must not wall off any monuments, or place turrets that stop players from accessing monuments. Auto turrets may not be pointed directly at another players base unless you are actively raiding the base.

Don’t intentionally mass despawn loot when raiding, leave unwanted loot for the owner (or others) to salvage. This includes workbenches. If you don’t need them, leave them. If you are being raided and realised you can’t defend, don’t be a sore loser, don’t despawn your stuff. Either fight to the end, or negotiate with the raiders!!

No Racism, Homophobia or Spamming

We want to provide a nice place to play Rust, racism, homophobia and such will not be tolerated, mutes, kicks and bans are all available for people who are caught using such language in game via voice, chat or on painted signs etc. or on our discord, toxic usernames will also be subject to this rule. We have a Zero Tolerance Policy on Racism and Homophobia, use of such language will result in a lifetime ban from all of our servers.

Hacking, Cheats, Exploits, Stream Sniping & Scripting

Any form of using any paid or free programs that provide assistance by interacting with the game is against our rules. This includes aim-assist, wall-hacks, speed-hacks and any other advantage provided by such an application. This extends to scripting, as scripting provides you with an advantage that you would not normally have. This includes scripts that are used to combat recoil, but does not include having keybinds to automatically hit trees, as this can be set up in-game without external assistance.

Group Limits

There is no teaming allowed at all on our solo servers. There are to be no villages, hotels, shared compounds or similar. Most teaming is automatically detected, so there’s very little point in you trying to team up. If you are caught teaming you will be from the server for the duration of the wipe.

Trading Goods and Services

There is no trading of services in any way including, but not limited to, taxi services, farmer for hire or use of slaves in any way.

All trades must take place via vending machines, shop fronts or safe zones, all trades must be reasonable for both sides and not be the equivalent to giving stuff away while pretending it’s a trade.

Do Not Give Away Your Base Or Loot

You may not give away your base or loot to other players, even if you are leaving the server for the wipe.

Doors to your base must not be left open or removed for others to enter, if leaving the server for the wipe, leave the base locked and allow decay to take over or raiders to earn the loot. If you leave your base open for others you will be banned for further wipes.

Become a FutureProject Rust Servers Supporter and help cover our server expenses and continued growth.

I don’t really want to call our Supporter Package a VIP Package as every player who plays on our servers are of equal importance, in fact the biggest way you can support our servers is not to subscribe to this Supporter Package but to play on our servers.

That said, bills be bills and while you’ll never get any pay2win benefits from becoming a supporter, which costs £3 per month, as a thankyou while you’re subscribed you will get the following:

  • Skip the queue and join the server immediately, even if it’s full
  • [VIP] tag in-game!
  • VIP role in our Discord Server
  • Vote for the map that will be used next!
  • Access to our Supporters Lounge in our Discord Server

Click the button below to become a Supporter, then simply send me your steam ID or game username in Discord Server and I’ll activate your perks. you can cancel anytime through your PayPal account.