My Build – New Graphics Card

With the new machine up and running, and performing very well for my work tasks I listed my old machine on Facebook Marketplace with the option to buy it with the HD5450 or the 1050ti for little extra to make it a very capable low end gaming PC. It was snapped up with the 1050ti so although I now had a little more money, I also had a need for a new graphics card when the market for them is crazy.

I Got Lucky With Facebook Marketplace

I came across a really nice chap called Kyle on Facebook Marketplace who had a Gigabyte GTX 1060 6gb and wasn’t looking to take my eyes out for it.. The 1060 compared to my HD5450 is a bit of a beast and more importantly when buying second hand it worked perfectly aside from a clicking sound from the fans when under load, which I believe is very common for Gigabyte cards and doesn’t bother me too much. I stripped the card down, gave it a good clean and new thermal paste and am unlikely to be upgrading any time soon unless I get a great deal.

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