OBS, Our Choice Of Streaming Software

I’ve got a bit of a soft spot for open-source software so when I started looking into recording screen capture tutorials for work and eventually streaming my gameplay I gravitated naturally towards Open Broadcaster Software and honestly, I’ve never been tempted to try anything else.

OBS is free, which is my favourite price, works very well to either record videos locally, stream live or indeed both at the same time. OBS also has a huge following, which means there is no end of tips, tricks and tutorials online to help you achieve everything you might need there’s also a whole host of plugins so you can really make your stream unique.

I’m not going to pretend this software is the most easy or intuitive to use, maybe it’s because it’s far from the types of software I’m used to using and there’s more often than not more than one way to achieve something, for example you can add your audio sources as master which transcend scenes, which I started to do or in the scenes themselves so you don’t have to stay quiet during your brb, or starting soon scenes, which works for me much better.

I’m probably only scratching the surface of what the software can do but as I learn, I plan to share with you guys what worked and what didn’t.

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