Review: Antec Infinity Series 120mm ARGB Fans

PRODUCT: Antec Infinity Series 120mm ARGB Fan 3 Pack
FROM: Amazon UK

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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So my new PC is up and running, the main components all work, it’s now time to take care of the additional essentials, starting with case cooling. Now as I’ve mentioned many times before I’m not looking to overclock my machine so super efficient fans aren’t really required but I do need something that’s going to move some of the cooler air from outside the case over the components and to ensure I have and create a little bit of positive pressure to keep the dust at bay. So I grabbed the Antec Infinity Series 120mm ARGB Fan 3 Pack from Amazon.


The Antec Infinity Series 3 pack of 120mm fans, look good with a mirror in the centre of the front which when spinning creates a great infinity black hole illusion, unfortunately the back isn’t half as pretty and that’s the only side you can see in my case as the front is covered by a plastic cover. These will look great as exhausts or if your intake fans are behind a clear cover or fine mesh so you can see the fronts.

The ARGB on my set has a few issues in that these don’t perfectly match with the MSI fan that came with my case or the fan on my Wraith Prism Cooler, they also don’t cope well with being set to white with a blue tinge and rather than being off during some light effects they show a dull blue tone.

Build Quality

The build quality of the fans themselves are pretty good, rubber corners help to dampen any vibrations and noise. they are also very quiet, but not silent. I would have also have liked a passthrough for the argb so you can daisy chain without using an external splitter or controller.

The controller which comes with the kit, is not so well built, it’s a cheap plastic looking thing that you’ll have to stick to your case some how. The Cable connectors are a bit inconsistent, some were really tight, others quite loose, and I was worried I would break the controller getting everything plugged in, once everything was plugged in I had a lump of cheap plastic with wires coming out of every side for the fan power, argb and the sata power cable it was an impossible nightmare to get it to look neat, and was very bulky behind the motherboard tray on my case.

I guess if you ignore the look of it, and the look of the rat’s nest of cables coming out of it and pretend that shoddy external build quality doesn’t cast doubts on the internals, it did work as advertised. The controller does have a button which allows you to change lighting effects on the fans so if you’re wanting to bring some lighting to a build without argb on the motherboard it’ll do the job. Fortunately on my motherboard I have plenty of fan headers to plug all three fans in separately and the lack of argb daisy chaining can be overcome with a very cheap 1-3 argb splitter cable from ebay which is a lot easier to cable manage than a big ugly box so I haven’t used the controller in my build.

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