Review: Barrow PC Cable Extensions

PRODUCT: Barrow PC Module Power Extension Cable
£4-7 each

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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So one thing getting the new graphics card highlighted was even though I hunted specifically for a PSU with black sleeved cables, PCIe extension sections just hanging about looks messy so I went on the lookout for a set of cables for my Corsair RM550x and man are they expensive!

I turned to trusty AliExpress for a cheaper alternative where I found some good looking sleeved cable extensions from the BARROW GAMERS MOD Store which had good reviews. I grabbed the three cables I needed which were a 20+4pin Motherboard Cable, a 4+4pin CPU Cable and a 6pin PCIe cable in the white and black option so it would go with any colour of rgb I decide to have and all for under £15.

The wait wasn’t long at just over a week and the cables are exactly as expected;

  • 30cm of braided cable, which allows you to feed them to the back of your case to hide your existing cables.
  • The finish is great, with no fraying ends
  • The cables are nice and flexible.
  • The connectors are good quality.
  • Cables don’t overheat or anything nasty like that.

I would highly recommend these to transform your internals.

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