The Final Rust Forced Wipe Of 2021

Today at around 7pm gmt, everyone playing PC Rust, will find themselves naked on the beach, and for the first time in a long time, blueprints will also be reset, even on servers that don’t normally wipe blueprints every forced wipe.

On our London Noob Friendly Rust Server we wipe blueprints every forced wipe to keep the game fresh for everyone so it won’t come as a surprise to our regulars, however it’s looking like there’s going to be a few great changes to the game that’ll help level the playing field on wipe night, including changes to the Compound Bow and the MP5A4.

The Compound Bow

The Compound bow is a high powered weapon which when in the hands of more experienced players is like a one hit sniper rifle which will stop any player in their tracks.

Looking at the Facepunch Commits, there are 3 main changes coming to the Compound bow:

– compound bow no longer default BP
– compound bow costs more metal fragments
– compound bow now loses condition while drawn back longer than 3 seconds

Facepunch Commits

These changes will hopefully mean there won’t be a guy camping with a fully drawn bow waiting for you behind every door at monuments but it should also slow the progress of teams who should find heading to the bigger monuments within 3 minutes of wipe a little more challenging.

The MP5A4

The MP54A (MP5) is currently the only craftable military-grade weapon, this 30-round submachine gun which is extremely effective at close range. This gun could be easily obtained early game by experienced players from NPCs in the military tunnels, especially armed with a compound bow.

Looking at the Facepunch Commits, there are 3 main changes coming to the Compound bow:

– MP5 NPC drop chance lowered slightly
– T3 techtree changes – MP5 cost and position changes

Facepunch Commits

So coupled with the Compound Bow changes it should be a little harder to grab the MP5.

Other Changes Coming

Along with the changes to the MP5 and Compound Bow and a whole range of hidden commits that could be anything! there’s a few other big changes coming this forced wipe including:

  • The Giant Excavator should be buffed featuring a better gathering yield and an airdrop!
  • The MLRS (M270 Multiple Launch Rocket System), the big rocket firing tank introduced last forced wipe looks to be getting a wider rocket spread, so it should be more difficult to use it to raid.

Finally One For The Admins and Content Creators

While not something most players will not really be excited about, however will benefit from hugely without even knowing, is the introduction of a true first person spectate mode.

This introduction is a great tool for content creators who should be able to record demos during game play and edit their footage after the fact and show an number of different camera angles including true first person.

As a Rust Server Owner, who’s spent hours trying to figure out if someone is cheating or not, a true first person spectate mode should make it much easier to determine if player X could see player Y in the bushes 200m away or if some form of esp is at play, and anything that helps keep our server cheater free is most welcome!

The forced wipe will be live around 7pm tonight on all Rust servers including our own London Noob Friendly Rust Server

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