Time to Push For Twitch Affiliate

As someone who multistreams to Facebook, Youtube and Twitch, I didn’t care about Twitch Affiliate as part of the agreement would require me to stop multi-streaming, however since being very underwhelmed by the Facebook level up program and the lack of community on platforms outside of Twitch, I’ve decided to push to qualify to become a Twitch Affiliate.

What is a Twitch Affiliate?

A Twitch Affiliate can monetise their stream, and I’m sure most people trying to get Affiliate have this reason in mind, however for me there’s a much more important feature of being an affiliate, and that’s the huge range of tools that are opened up to help you engage with your community.

The Twitch Affiliate Criteria

Becoming an Affiliate on twitch is based on a few simple criteria;

  • Reach 50 followers (total)
  • Stream for 8 hours (over the last 30 days)
  • Stream on 7 different days (over the last 30 days)
  • Average of 3 viewers (over the last 30 days)

My Plan to Hit Affiliate

My Starting Point. My Last 30 Days on Twitch

I have to hit all the “Path To Affiliate” criteria, so the first thing I need to do is figure out what I have to work on in order to hit each criteria, so I turned to the Twitch channel analytics.

Reach 50 followers

With 36 followers from my first 2 months on Twitch, I’m not in a bad position to Reach 50 followers and fortunately this has no time limit, so if this takes a little longer it’s no stress, I need to keep introducing myself to people via social media, and produce entertaining streams so they have a reason to watch and to follow. I will also make care to ensure my channel is as presentable as possible by taking advantage of the about page adding information about me, if people think they might relate to me, they are more likely to follow and watch.

Stream for 8 hours and Stream on 7 different days

These two criteria are easy to hit, These two are so easy, even as a busy dad my stats for the last 30 days show I’ve somewhat overachieved having streamed on 20 different days for a total of almost 41 hours! Unfortunately this overachieving is actually hurting my chances of hitting affiliate as the requirements are 8 hours at an average of 3 viewers which works out as me asking my followers to give up a combined time of 24 hours (3*8), at 41 hours I’m asking them for 123 hours (41*3) of their combined time. It’s clear in this stage of streaming, less is more so I’ll only stream 3 times a week, rather than whenever I can which is my current trend..

Average of 3 viewers

So with less streaming planned, I really need to push the times when I do stream, ensuring people know when I’m live so I can get as many people engaged as possible. I’ll publish my schedule and spend time between streams making sure people know when I’ll be live, before I go live I’ll ensure to post about it to give me the best chance of getting an audience. I’ll also take highlights from each stream and post them on other social media platforms to try and keep momentum going.

Unfortunately this will take time as I have 41 hours of under 3 viewers streams still affecting my statistics I actually need much more than the requirements to complete the “path”. With a plan to stream for 5 and a half hours per week, to hit Affiliate I’ll need to hit the following;

  • To make Affiliate in 1 week, I need to hit an average of 9 viewers for the 5.5 hours to compensate for the 33 hours previous
  • To make Affiliate in 2 weeks, I need to hit an average of 4.6 viewers for the 11 hours to compensate for the 22 hours previous
  • To make Affiliate in 3 week, I need to hit an average of 3.4 viewers for the 16.5 hours to compensate for the 2 hours previous

Wish Me Luck!

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