Twitch Affiliate Unlocked!

Just 9 days after deciding to work on achieving Twitch Affiliate I met all the criteria, a day later, My invite email hit my inbox, I’ll admit I expected it to take a lot longer as I was unwilling to use shortcuts such as Follow 4 Follow (F4F) or Lurk 4 Lurk (L4L) schemes which I’m sure can boost your numbers but they will never lead to an active community and could earn a Twitch ban.

Things that helped me as planned was cutting my streaming hours, stopping multi-streaming and just focusing on the one platform and sticking to the 11.5 scheduled hours. I also spend a lot of time on Facebook groups and Discords making friends and finding my audience.

Of course the real heroes in this were the people who saw my schedule and made sure to come along, watch and in many cases join in, either in the game or in the chat. The interactivity in the streams made people want to stick around which is really the only way I was going to hit the goal.

Affiliate is just the beginning, and I need to keep up the hard work and repay my community by putting out the best streams I can, and with the new Twitch features I now have like community voting, custom emotes, and channel point shenanigans I know we’re going to have a lot of fun.

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