Same Great Community Rust Server, Now With More Mates!

I’ve always tried to keep our servers as balanced as possible for solos and groups alike which is why I took over the London Server I reduced maximum group size from quads to trio and it recently dawned on me, now we have a solo server I don’t have to worry as much about solos getting destroyed by groups so I thought about increasing the max group size back to 4.. but then I thought, why stop there?! let’s make this server UNLIMITED!

While it’s true there’s a whole load of toxic and pretty racist folk who play Rust there’s also a lot of great Rust players and one of the biggest requests I get on the servers is “can this new guy join our team” or “can we show this new guy how to do rig” etc. and I’ve always had to say no as it’s against the teaming rules of the server so in removing the team limit all together I’m hoping more folk will be able to enjoy the server and not worry if not killing another player might be seen as over-teaming.

Clearly while the hope is more co-operation and opportunity to make new firends, there is a risk that there’s gonna be a zerg that doesn’t let anyone else on the server get started but I guess we’ll never know if we don’t try.

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