OH NO! Don’t Take My Beautiful Skins Mr Scammer!

The “I’ve accidently reported your account” scam

If you know me, you’ll know I love playing with cold callers and scammers, and I’ll admit, sometimes, when I’m playing with a scammer, wondering how much of their time I can waste, before they stop trying, I forget how serious the issue is to people who don’t know.. Stay safe out there.

Now onto today’s scam attempt, this is the second time someone has tried this scam, different accounts each time, but basically they claim to have accidently reported your steam account which will now be suspended unless you get in touch with a steam support account.. and then presumably give them your username, password and 2fa so they can presumably at the very least clean out your skin account, my guess is they would also try to but expensive resellable items and transfer them out to other account’s too, it could I guess be quite costly! The following are examples of the messages from “Steam Support” that I’ve received as part of this scam.

I managed to act like an idiot that really wanted him to help me avoid getting suspended, but couldn’t work discord for 37 minutes.. not a record by any stretch but it’s not bad.

I was just about to tell him I think my mom may have stopped me from adding new friends but alas.. I was blocked.

Stay Safe Out There..

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