Our Unlimited Rust Server Is Closing

For our regular players, it’ll come as no surprise that while our SOLO Server is growing in population each month, our Unlimited Server has been struggling, and for many months now it’s struggled to get into double digit pop. I’ve tried tweaking the group limits, changing the wipe schedule, relaxing the rules and running the popular Hapis Island map, but unfortunately nothing has positively impacted the server pop enough and for this reason, I’ve come to the difficult decision to shut down our Unlimited Community Rust Server at the end of the current wipe on 16/06/2022.

This decision will allow me to concentrate more on our more popular SOLO Server, which has a much more consistent player base and while still being vanilla has subtle enhancements that make the game more enjoyable for the solo players including 50% upkeep costs, minis spawning on roads and recyclers at more monuments.

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