Rust 2023 Forced Wipe Dates

As we head towards the first force wipe of 2023 here’s a list of the dates of the forced wipes on the PC version of Rust, assuming they follow the same formula as they have been so far.

What is a Rust Forced Wipe?

As the Rust development team continue updating and improving Rust they release fixes and features every month, during this update server owners and players need to update their versions of Rust to take advantage of these fixes and features. As there’s often a lot of changes the servers are forced to wipe their map data so, as its a time consuming nightmare to restore backed up player data onto a wiped map, on most servers all players will wake up naked on spawn beach with nothing but a rock and a torch after a forced wipe. Blueprints are not always cleared by default on Force Wipe, however many server owners choose to wipe these too to keep the gameplay fresh.

What are the 2023 Rust Forced Wipe Dates?

The development schedule so far has been, a Forced Wipe occurs on the first Thursday of the month at 7PM England Time, so the dates we expect a forced wipe are:

  • Thursday January 5th
  • Thursday February 2nd
  • Thursday March 2nd
  • Thursday April 6th
  • Thursday May 4th
  • Thursday June 1st
  • Thursday July 6th
  • Thursday August 3rd
  • Thursday September 7th
  • Thursday October 5th
  • Thursday November 2nd
  • Thursday December 7th

FutureProject Solo Wipe Dates

Obviously we will be adhering to the force wipe dates however our actual wipe schedule for 2023 has not quite been finalised, announcement on that very soon.

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