Rust BP Wipe Day – With Underwater Goodies!

Rust Now With Sharks!

Unlike most rust players I love waking on the beach with nothing but my rock and torch on Blueprint Wipe day, there’s nothing like a fresh start especially when it’ll be at least 15 minutes before the other inhabitants of the island start beaming me with an AK!

Another great thing about BP wipe over the regular map wipe is, it comes with new stuff to keep the high hour players busy while I farm and build my base..

The New Stuff This Wipe?

Fishing, underwater labs, submarines and a new animal to kill us, SHARKS! I must say, I’m quite excited about this stuff, even though I have no intention of going anywhere near the water until the end of the first two week wipe as it takes that long for me to get the BP’s together to make the second map wipe bearable. I think the most exciting thing about these labs is, they are procedurally generated, meaning, every one, every wipe will be a different challenge.

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What are you guys most looking forward to this Wipe?

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