So.. I Run A Noob Friendly Rust Server Now!

As many of you know I’ve spent the majority of my Rust time on The London Noob Friendly Rust server; it’s where I died to my first boar and where I did my first raid and rig run; so when the owner told me they were looking to shut it down at the end of the forced wipe, I couldn’t just let it die and offered to take it over. So on the first Thursday of October 2021, I took my first steps into Rust server ownership and did my first Forced Wipe.

I’ll admit even with a lot of help and advice the previous owner, who was there on the phone to talk me through how to do the wipe and a lull in population, I was in at the deep end, but unlike the game itself, I think I’ve picked it up pretty quickly and have found a whole bunch of tools that make the job of keeping track of players and the day to day of managing a Rust server almost easy. What’s not so easy is managing the players!

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