FutureProject SOLO Server Launches Today!

Take it from me, a player who has played all of his 1000+ Rust hours as a solo, SOLO Rust is next level tough! Even on our MAX TRIO server it can be disheartening being countered by teams at every monument and that’s why at 7pm GMT with the Feburary 2022’s Forced wipe the FutureProject | SOLO | Noob Friendly | UK/EU Rust Server will officially launch.

Our SOLO Server is launching with the same ideals, goals and rules as our MAX TRIO Server, which have been carefully designed specifically to make your Rust experience less toxic.

The Leaderboards will be separate from our MAX TRIO server so you can see how you are stacking up against other solo players and wipe leaderboards published so you can keep track of your progress over time.

Obviously as a new server growing population will take time, however I’m confident this could be one of the best, if not the best Solo Rust Server available.

For more information about our new SOLO Server and all our other Rust Servers, visit our Rust Community Servers Page.

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