Rust Twitch Drops Round 14: Feburary 2022

If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you’ll have noticed I’ve went from “my son bought some crappy Fortnight skin and it’s a waste of bloody money” to “jebus I almost took this gun out with the default skin, not on my watch!” of course I still think they are a waste of money, but that doesn’t stop me from owning more than I would like and it’s also the reason I love Twitch Drops! oh that and I love free stuff!

Drop 13 was a little underwhelming for me, don’t get me wrong, I rolled out my Pokemon-esk skills and I Caught ’em All but out of the thirteen drops, to me, only two were really worth getting, the Double Barrel Shotgun skin from MaxMears and the Hunting Bow Skin from elxokas (although I have a very similar skin), there was also a garage door from Rubius which was quite nice. The large boxes (I love a large box skin!) were in theory nice ideas “El Loot!”, but they were not designed very well at all, having no texture or body to them they in reality look terrible in game. Don’t get me started on that ugly ass sheet metal door!

Drop 14: This time it’s quality over quantity!

There are only 9 drops this time, and to be fair, they are all pretty good, the gun skins are subtle and look well made, and even the garage door isn’t too garish (yes I know I own the vomiting unicorn garage door). The real crème de la crème for me is a locker skin.. as the locker is not something I have any skins for already!

You can grab all the skins by signing up to the Facepunch Twitch Drops Page and watching some streams over on twitch that have twitch drops enabled (I do ;)) when they are launched. Happy hunting!

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